How To File A Water Damage Claim

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Whether the result of broken pipes or flooding from a storm, filing a water damage claim can be a tricky process. As a trusted Florida public adjuster, The People’s Choice understands how critical it is to get the proper documentation to insurance companies. Our property damage experts have over 10 years of experience handling water damage issues.

Leaks can happen anywhere from showers, sinks, ice makers, air conditioners, toilets, and water heaters. When water damage occurs, there are a few important steps to take in order to correctly file a water damage claim.

How To File A Water Damage Claim

  • Prevent Further Damage
  • Take Pictures
  • File A Water Damage Claim  

Prevent Further Damage

The first thing that should be done when disaster hits is to protect the home and all the valuables inside from any further damage. Insurance companies may not cover any damages that they deem easily avoidable. Placing valuables in a safe place, turning off the water supply, and putting tarps over holes can prevent any further water damage.

Take Pictures

Once further damage has been prevented, it is crucial to record proof of the damages by taking pictures. Having older pictures of the affected area can also be useful to compare and contrast. Google maps can usually provide outside pictures from years ago. Try to refrain from making permanent repairs or throwing away broken items. Doing this may remove evidence that can be used for a better quote.

File A Water Damage Claim  

Before calling the insurance company to file a water damage claim, it is important to compile all evidence, create an inventory of damages, and write a full detailed report of the incident. The insurance company has 14 days to respond to a claim. If the insurance company does not respond or investigate within that number of days then they are required to pay for the damages by law.

The insurance company will send their private adjuster to determine the nature of the damages. A private adjuster that works for the insurance company may be biased towards their side of the claim. They may also miss important evidence needed to make a claim. When inspecting a property, we use infrared technology to determine the exact source of a leak and provide valuable claim evidence.

The People’s Choice is a knowledgeable Florida public adjuster that understands what insurance companies determine as sufficient for a water damage claim. When it comes to water damage, we know that time is of the essence. Our professional adjusters work around the clock to inspect your property and review your insurance coverage so you know exactly what to expect when filing a claim. We also handle mold claims as a result of water damage. Call us now at (561) 295-9020 to handle all of your property damage needs.